Description of HOME Maintenance Security Program

Description of HOME Maintenance Security Program

AHDC Home Maintenance and Security Program (HMS) provides eligible homeowners with grants up to $1,000 to make for minor home maintenance and repairs. To ensure a quality experience, AHDC staff will:

  • Assist homeowners as needed with the grant application process
  • Provide personal consultation to help define and prioritize repairs needs;and,
  • Recommend reliable contractors
Homeowners are eligible

to receive services services through this program if: (1) the home is their primary residence; (2) their household income does not exceed the Household Income Limits provided below; (3) they live within AHDC’s service area; (4) provide a completed application with all the required attachments; and,(5) have not received services through this program within the last 12 months.

Service Area:

Arbor Hill, North Albany, Sheridan Hollow, West End and, West Hill. Other neighborhoods may be assisted under special conditions .

Household income Limits:

Household Size









Maximum Income

$45,950 $52,500 $59,050 $65,600 $70,850 $76,100 $81,350 $86,600
HMS 10-Step Process:

Step 1 – Customer will submit completed application with all required documents to Arbor Hill

Step 2 – Arbor Hill review application and application and supporting documents to ensure eligibility for program

Step 3 – Arrangements for on-site consultations will be arrange for applicants deemed eligible and work plans, including environmental reviews will be developed for submission to the Albany City Community Development Agency (ACDA)

Step 4 – ACDA will approve the project for action

Step 5 – Arbor Hill recommend contractor(s) to perform work and receive proposals for work plan with cost estimates

Step 6 – Acceptable proposals submitted to ACDA for approval

Step 7 – Customer and Contractor agree to work schedule, work plan, and mutual responsibilities

Step 8 – Work performed

step 9 – Satisfactory Evaluation

Step 10 – Final documents submitted for project close out

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