Welcome to Arbor Hill Development Corporation

Founded in 1981 AHDC strives for the highest standard of Excellence in Service and Results as it works to:

  • Promote innovative and sustainable community revitalization efforts
  • Address quality of life concerns
  • Improve access to affordable home ownership and apartment rentals
  • Rehabilitate and restore housing and commercial building stock
  • Encourage economic development and job creation

AHDC Neighborhood Preservation Service Area

The Arbor Hill Development Corporation provides professional services to the contiguous neighborhoods of Arbor Hill, North Albany, Sheridan Hollow, West Hill and West End.  AHDC NPP Service Area embraces census tracts 1,2,3,6,7,8,and 11. Boundaries roughly includes:  at the east: Hudson River;  at the west: Commercial Exchange/ Fuller Road/Albany City Line; at the South:   Madison Avenue;  and, at the North: Limerick Drive/Albany City Line.

AHDC Service Area


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